What is Welcome Baby Care?

Welcome Baby Care is your personalized postpartum support team. No matter what your unique situation — before or after baby arrives — our Postpartum Doulas, Night Nurses and Lactation Consultants (CLCs) provide the in-home care, education, skill and expertise you need.  From extra support for preemies and multiples to transitioning back to work, Welcome Baby Care is here to help.

In-Home Support

Our caregivers support the health, wellness, and development of both mother and baby by fielding questions, handling household tasks, and providing opportunity for nourishment & rest.

Lactation Services

If you are struggling with breastfeeding, you are not alone! WBC lactation support, in the comfort of your own home, is designed to eliminate struggle and fine-tune your natural breastfeeding instincts.

Back to Work

Going back to work after baby is stressful — so many details!  WBC helps working parents smooth the transition out of parental leave and back to the office with expert support and a personalized strategy.


If one newborn is a challenge, multiples multiply it. Not to mention the special care needs they may have. Relax! Our doulas are multiples experts, ready to assist you with you twins, triplets or more…


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