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10 Lessons For Grown-ups (That I Learned From Babies)

By Doula Jen

1.  If your needs aren’t being met…speak up!

2.  When you smile, the world smiles with you.

3.  A bit of attention may come your way when you’re wearing a spectacular outfit, but people seem to think you’re just as cute in a plain white T.

4.  Staying up, missing sleep, and becoming overtired makes you cranky and does not–despite wishful thinking–mean that you’ll sleep through the night when you finally crash.

5.  Mommies are the most beautiful creatures in the world.

6.  You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk; learn to walk before you can run.

7.  Fancy toys are for the birds.  More satisfaction comes from exploration and finding fun in unexpected places.

8.   Make eye contact.

9.   Try new things.

10. Love instinctively, unconditionally, and with a pure and open heart.

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