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A Note From Your Doula: The Flow

Hey Moms and Pops,

It’s summertime! Travel is on our mind.

As we give you tips and fixes for ease of traveling with babies and kids, I wanted to talk about the bigger issues faced while parenting on the road.

Easy traveling with Baby isn’t just about bringing a portable crib or packing plenty of snacks for the plane, it’s about changing your attitude. Remember, this is a vacation! Chill WAY the heck out and embrace “the flow.”

When YOU go on vacation, you don’t go to bed on time. You either skip naps or take twice as many. You eat some junk food and way more sugar than usual. Routine goes out the window because vacation — naturally — is a break from routine. Whimsically deciding between the beach or the pool, pie a la mode or cheesecake. That’s the whole darn point.

Why would it be different for Baby?

In her much-celebrated travel memoir Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth Gilbert wrote, “To travel is worth any cost or sacrifice.”

Sacrifice, you will, by loosening your grip on Baby’s routine…but it will be SO worth it.

Upon return from TRULY vacationing with your child, you might encounter unpredictable naps, extreme mood swings, picky eating and troublesome bedtimes. Or…you might not. Some babies know how to go with the flow.

How do they learn this super important lifeskill? Travel. Adventure. Flexibility.

Show them what it means to take a vacation and ENJOY IT.

With love and fruity umbrella drinks,

Your Doula




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