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The Build Up and The Blues

post-holiday bluesNo matter how low-key your celebration, the post-holiday lull can bring about a serious mood dip. It’s not a stretch to compare it to the postpartum hormone crash.

There is a build up to the holidays — shopping and baking and parties and song — and after, in the wrapping paper mess with a champagne/fudge hangover, you’re left feeling (all at once) empty and relieved and exhausted.

In spite of the lovely cards from far away and laughs over lingering cups of coffee with your family members, the shiny earrings and brightly colored Old Navy sweaters, the build up and anticipation before the big show often outshines the real deal.

We see a lot of these same feelings of disillusionment in the mamas we work with. After being fawned over during pregnancy, literally showered with sweet gifts, there can be — in spite of the overwhelming love for Baby — a severe emotional struggle in the postpartum period, when fantasy meets reality. The sweat, the hair loss, hemorrhoids and crying jags. As with the post-holiday blues, the Baby Blues can leave you feeling lonely and tired.

With every transition — be it post-holiday or post-birth — we encourage you to breathe deep, eat well and let yourself feel.

Throughout January, we’ll be tackling the topic of health and well-being in the New Year. It’s not just about working off the baby weight and/or cookie swap weight; it’s about feeling lighter and brighter emotionally too. Until then, enjoy the last few days of 2014. The days are getting longer and the sun came out today; the glitter will come out of the carpet eventually and life will get back to normal soon enough.

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