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Can You Stay Awake Long Enough to Read This?

By Welcome Baby Care

infant sleepOh! To be a new parent…

The coos and cuddles, bubbles and babbles. The smell of Baby’s hair—the sweet, milky smell of Baby’s breath!

Oh! But you’re tired. So, so tired. Just when the night feedings became manageable, teething started. Then you went back to work. Then there was that bout of separation anxiety. And does it EVER get dark in the summertime? It’s 10 p.m. and little one still thinks it’s playtime!

Sleep struggle and exhaustion:  the thorny side to that miraculous first year home with baby.

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Our sleep class is back!  August 9th

The class is NOT sleep training. It’s not about cry-it-out or bedsharing or any one dogmatic one-size-fits-all philosophy on sleep. It’s–if anything–a biology lesson peppered with helpful, PROVEN tips…in hopes of helping you understand your baby’s needs and in turn get a little more rest! We know you need it.

Join us!

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