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Consider This: Baby Registry Tips

Baby Registry Tips

So many lists of little things to buy. 12 washcloths, 3 hooded towels, 2 combs, etc. Every store and every parenting website will give you a baby registry guide, and from that information, you can piece together a list of more than enough and things you don’t need and still end up making last minute runs to Babies R Us.

Today we thought we’d talk about not what to put on your registry, but how to approach the task with your personal needs in mind.

  1. Consider the season.  Babies born in July won’t need newborn sized long sleeve onesies and those born in December will never use a size zero summer romper.
  2. Talk to like-minded friends.  Like your neighbor’s style? Share a free-spirited nature with your sister-in-law? If you dig the same jeans and living room decor, you’re likely to be on the same page with baby gear.
  3. Don’t be afraid to wing it.  It’s fine to go with the bare minimum and figure out the rest as you go. Don’t over shop. Purchase as the need arises.
  4. Explore diapering options.  Is your local cloth service cheaper than a lifetime of disposables? Do you have a DIY cloth savvy friend? Either way, have one box of disposables on hand (at least) for the unexpected nature of labor, messy illnesses or as a back-up on outings.
  5. Follow your heart.  Have you fallen in love with a teddy bear? Does a mei tai pattern remind you of your favorite earrings? Don’t be afraid to register for what you WANT! Babies are wild and wonderful HARD WORK! Might as well brighten your days with a little personality.
  6. Are you a transplant?  A new baby is best welcomed into a community of support. Help with pets, meal trees, friends who pop in to fold a load of laundry. If you have recently moved or live far away from your extended family, asking for the gift of support might be the perfect option. Housekeeping, gardening, food delivery and (of course) a postpartum doula are all good options.

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