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Doula Care Revisited

By Doula Jen

Families use a postpartum doula at different degrees of consistency, for varying lengths of time–three day shifts per week for one month, one overnight per week for the better part of a year, round the clock care indefinitely, 2-3 shifts in the beginning. Doula care is not one-size-fits-all and different families have unique needs, budgets, and local support systems.

It’s not uncommon for a family to think that they’re done with care and then call us back in.

  • The twins are teething. We need just one solid night of sleep.
  • I have a huge presentation tomorrow, can Karen come back for a few shifts this week?
  • Mom’s got mastitis. Help!

And sometimes a family experiences a unique life event that demands that they ask for help long after they’ve said their WBC goodbyes. We feel extremely honored to step back in with an older baby (or two or three) as a family struggles with the unexpected. The parents’ ability to call up and ask for more help speaks volumes of the strong foundation of trust we create as a newborn is welcomed home.

We have come back to a family going through marital problems–in the end, they made it through and are stronger than ever! We went back to our dear, sweet first set of triplets while Mom recovered from surgery–what a surprise to see all three of them cruising and crawling and getting into mischief. Most recently, we’ve returned to these adorable twins as their mama goes through cancer treatment. So glad that we can be a small part of her wellness plan…

doula care for multiples


So much fun to watch them grow! We’re proud of you, Mama! The strongest woman knows when to ask for help!

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