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Becoming a Doula

By Doula Jen

I started my doula training in the summer of 2009. My son was a little over two and beginning to wean. My daughter was starting preschool in the fall.

Through my own experiences with the transition to motherhood—and then second time motherhood—I was, of course, painfully aware of the need for postpartum support. I even had a handful of shifts each time with a postpartum doula.

I have always advocated for new mothers. There is definitely something of a cheerleader and mothering spirit in all doulas. We are wired to do this.

I also must admit that my son’s weaning kind of shoved me toward actually exploring the possibility of certification. I wanted to linger in the world of new motherhood a bit longer—maybe even forever.

It’s not what you think. I’m not a baby addict. It was never about the sweet little bundles, pink cheeks, chubby feet. All of that is of course wonderful and adorable, but I didn’t sign up for this to hold babies.

The raw, weepy, laughing, meaningful moments that come from the mother of an infant is what attracted me.

I knew I could give so much just by sitting with a woman, encouraging her, feeding her, making her tea. I knew I could make someone’s day by simply saying, “Hey, I’ve been there. It’s going to be OK. You’re doing great.”

Training was a breeze because I was thoroughly fascinated by every little biological, hormonal, physical, and emotional aspect of post birth parenthood. I felt so excited and empowered as I started my journey. To my core I understood that the work I was training for really mattered.

I’m looking back on this now because Welcome Baby Care’s third class of doula trainees starts the certification process next week! It really is such an exciting time for them and for us too! So wonderful to meet others drawn to service as doulas. It definitely reignites the passion in us seasoned and “seen-it-all” doulas!

Welcome trainees!

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