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What Doulas WON’T Do

By Doula Jen

We often talk about the wonderful work that we do, the meals we make, the classes we teach, the ways in which we support new Welcome Baby Care Minneapolisfamilies.  I thought it would be fun to give you a list of 10 things a Welcome Baby Care doula WON’T do.

1.   Have an alcoholic drink with you during her time as a caregiver for your family. No matter how many times you offer! No matter if you beg. Nope, not even your world famous blood orange margarita. No, not just half a glass of wine.

2.   Snoop. Though your prominently displayed wedding photo will interest us endlessly.

3.   Side with a partner, grandmother, or in-law over the new mother. We’re there for you, Lady.

4.   Replace the bond between you and your child in any way. We will love them up in your absence but will take certain measures to make sure your presence is felt. 

5.   Question your parenting choices. Unless you are unknowingly ill and severely disconnected from rational thought. This is rare, rare, rare. 99.9% of the time we trust you, defer to you, support YOUR FAMILY VISION. 

6.   Put your baby in a car seat without your final check and approval. We know car seats, but it’s gotta be you!

7.   Judge you about your nightly ice cream fix (or anything else, really). Unlike the margarita, we might  will almost certainly join you in a bowl of Rocky Road. We get it.

8.   Try on your clothes. Or do anything else creepy, weird, invasive, or inappropriate. We know that having us in your home is a bit strange. We strive to be as un-weird as is humanly possibly.

9.   Bring our religion imposingly into your home. Furthermore, we will honor and respect yours. 

10. Windows. OK, if you asked us we’d probably try. We wish for you the joy of a clear view. It is not our expertise, however, and we can’t promise results. 

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