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Food For Thought Friday: Happy Mother’s Day. Celebrating You.

Today over at Keeping Her Cool, Colleen is talking about Mother’s Day (Click here). Even though it’s a Hallmark holiday, it’s an important day to celebrate yourself as a mother. You might not get the big parade and all the presents and cards you deserve, but make the decision to celebrate your self a little. Here are a few ideas—

•    Think about writing a letter for each of your children about how being their mom has enriched your life.  If they’re young, tuck it away with keepsakes so they can have it when they are older and can appreciate it better.
•    Or research the history of your own family and make sure to leave a record for your children by working on a family tree — you could use websites like Ancestry.com if you want to get really serious.
•    If you’re more the type to just want to sit back and enjoy a glass (or two) of wine, I just found this awesome product: Mommy Juice Wines (Click here). Not that we promote getting hammered, but we do promote relaxing!
And one lucky winner might want to spend the day relaxing with a new book! Liz is the winner of yesterday’s Welcome Baby Care giveaway, Lisa Catherine Harper’s book, A Double Life, Discovering Motherhood. (Click here to read Harper’s post if you missed it) Congratulations Liz!

How are you going to celebrate this weekend? What tips do you have to encourage other mothers to celebrate?

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