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What is a Night Nurse?

What’s the one thing every new parent wants? Sleep! Our Baby night nurses make that dream a reality.

Night nurses are your basic heroes without capes. Picture this: you’re going on your eighth straight night without more than a few hours sleep, you and your husband are doing middle of the night relays and you’re starting to forget your own name. The exhaustion is palpable, emotions are running high and you can’t see a light at the end of the tunnel.

What is a Night Nurse?

Night Nurses

The situation might be hopeless…if it weren’t for the night nurse. At Welcome Baby Care, these are certified Postpartum Doulas who work the night shift, stepping in at the moment of “lights out,” so that you can get the sleep you need to keep being the mom you want to be.

Some parents know, even before they get to the crazy desperate stage, that they’re going to need some P.M. help in the form of a baby night nurse. So they set up a schedule of night shifts to make sure they’re catching those Zs.

Others call us when the situation is totally out of control. And don’t worry if that’s you—we’ve all been there.

What Does a Night Nurse Do?

Night Nurses

Here’s how it works: your night nurse, or night doula, as well call them, shows up as you’re ready to settle down. She gets the relevant updates then gets you off to bed. She’s ready to work with your feeding schedule to ensure there are no disruptions there. If you’re breastfeeding, she’ll bring baby in at feeding times only. If you’re using bottles, then she’s feeding and you’re sleeping through the night.

While baby is asleep, she’s the house fairy, wiping a countertop, folding a load of laundry and preparing a healthy breakfast for mom. You wake up in the morning refreshed, relaxed, and most of all rested and ready to take up the work of being Mom again.

At Welcome Baby Care, we recognize that sleep is essential to Moms’ physical and mental health. That’s why our night nurse services have become such a favorite among new parents. To find out more about how a baby night nurse can help your family.

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