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Postpartum Doula Training!

Empowering.  What it’s like to help new moms gain confidence and trust their instincts.

Humbling.  To be trusted with a mother’s most vulnerable days and—of course—her most valuable gift:  baby!

Exciting.  Learning the ABCs and 123s of birth and beyond.  From biology to bouncy seat, it’s a colorful world.

Toying with the idea of Postpartum Doula Certification?  Know someone who would be perfect for the job?  Lucky you!  Our next training is right around the corner.  Fun, comprehensive, interactive, evidence based, and UP TO DATE with the LATEST information.

Certify.  Then start a beautiful career in which each day looks different, each task changes lives, and each opportunity breathes new life into both your mind and your heart.

Monday 2/4, Wednesday 2/6, Thursday 2/7 5:30p-9p

and Sun 2/10, 9a-4p

Register here or call us with any questions.


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