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How Is Preemie Care Special?

Preemie Care: A Delicate Situation

Preemies are delicate and Welcome Baby Care doulas go the extra mile in preemie care. Here’s what it looks like…

preemie care

Sometimes parents know their little ones are going to enter the world ahead of schedule, and in other cases, it’s an unexpected and unwelcome surprise. In either case, it’s an experience that is stressful, uncertain and day-by-day figuring-it-out.

One of the areas in which WBC Postpartum Doulas specialize is in preemie care and working with preemie parents. These are some of our favorite relationships, and an opportunity for our doulas to really show off their expertise. Because, as you have probably already discovered, your baby isn’t following all those rules you read in the books; she’s writing her own story. And while that process is special, it’s can also be scary.


Preemie Help When You Need It Most

Preemie Care

Very few parents expect a premature birth. All those extra weeks or even months they thought they would have to prepare for their little one’s arrival vanish with an emergency trip to the hospital.

But the fact that you didn’t quite get the nursery painted is the least of your concerns. Premature birth poses serious health risks for an infant. Many will spend the days or even weeks following birth in the NICU gaining the strength needed to simply come home. It is a heart-wrenching time for families.

Everyone’s experience with a preemie is unique depending on when Baby was born, how long she stayed in the hospital and what medical interventions were necessary. What is generally standard is the stress parents feel in taking their baby out of the sterile, safe hospital environment and into the world. Those first weeks at home can be terrorizing as parents try to figure out what to do to keep their baby as safe and healthy as possible.

This is where WBC certified doulas come in. With special training in caring for premature babies, they’re a team of experts ready to come alongside parents in making sure Baby thrives.

In addition to the typical activities doulas would perform with a full-term newborn, doulas exercise advanced care and expertise in working with preemies. This ranges from helping to keep Baby at the right temperature, to proper bathing and skin care, special lactation concerns, sleep counseling and the development of healthy sleep patterns, medical monitoring and keeping the environment as germ free as possible as Baby’s immune system gets its footing.

Special Care for Preemie Parents

preemie care

We know your main concern is taking care of your newborn, but the truth is, parents of preemies need some special TLC too, especially since most of society doesn’t have a good grip on how to approach the issue sensitively. People will be asking, “Why is she so small?” and making any number of comments and statements that are usually less than helpful. Added to your own concerns about caring for your baby, and the range of emotions you’re experiencing, is the need to deal (politely when you can) with the unsolicited comments of well meaning others.

With your doula, there’s no need for pretenses. You can get your questions answered by a professional while crying and yelling and losing your calm exterior. This is a high stress time and many mothers find their anxiety decreases significantly by knowing there’s a caregiver present who understands the needs of her little one, and who is sensitive to her needs as well.

WBC Postpartum Doulas are there for you and your preemie when you need them most. For more information, contact us today!


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