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Pumping and the Return to Work

By Doula Jen

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breast pumpOne of the biggest challenges a nursing mom may face is continued breastfeeding after the return to work.

You’re tired, busy, overwhelmed, trying to prove yourself to your boss! And the pump? Kind of a drag.

Many women feel discouraged when they don’t “get enough” while pumping, assuming that what they see after an expression session is the same amount that Baby gets at the breast.

Your sweet infant is meant to stimulate oxytocin and prolactin–your milk producing hormones. It’s much harder to produce for a piece of plastic!

Here are a few tips for maximizing pumping results and successfully continuing your breastfeeding relationship after the return to work:

  1. Look at pictures and videos of your baby while pumping — it really helps!
  2. Likewise, bring one of Baby’s blankets or a piece of clothing recently worn by Baby. SMELL IT. Instant let down.
  3. Try lactation boosters:  steel cut oats, fenugreek, teas.
  4. Bring Baby to the breast as much as HUMANLY possible (super moms don’t exist). In the morning, before bed, and on your lunch break if you can swing it.
  5. Get plenty of rest!
  6. Drink lots of water.
  7. STAY POSITIVE. You will eventually establish a system and you CAN succeed.

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