TLC From Our LC

By Lactation Counselor Lisa Erbes

Love those days that remind me how much this job means to me.

Met with a second time mama yesterday. Her older child breastfed wonderfully…eight years ago. With baby number two, she expected more of the same and has been surprised and saddened by the challenges she’s faced.

The new baby is now 7 weeks old and they’ve been dealing with a poor latch, slow weight gain, and fairly low milk supply due to insufficient lactation support in the early weeks.

I worked with her for almost three hours. Slowly but surely we achieved the right latch and restored a sense of calm and confidence to Mama. At the end of our visit she burst into tears and just sobbed as I hugged her. She repeatedly said “thank you” and “we’re lucky we found you.” She also confessed that she was beginning to think that she would be unable to breastfeed this time around.  Somehow—with just a touch of TLC and a lot of support—I turned her around, eventually hearing her say, “I know I can do this.”

Ahhhh! It was so touching and sweet. Made my heart swell.

Left her smiling, breastfeeding…with a full glass of water and a fresh snack, of course. Love my job!

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