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Top 5 Sleep Tips for New Moms

Mamas need ZZZs too! Just like your baby, you need to create healthy sleep habits and associations.

1. Ritualize.

Just like Baby responds to a predictable routine, so will Mom. Bubble bath, hot tea and poetry? Classical music and deep breaths? Whatever it takes to set the stage…

2. Turn Off.

DON’T fall asleep with the TV on or play Candy Crush ’til your eyelids drop. You might fall asleep quickly and easily as a result of these activities, but the quality of sleep is diminished by excess screen time.

3. Exercise.

Mom is remarkably like a toddler in her need to release excess energy! Wear yourself out and get your oxygen flowing. Right before bedtime the best time for an energizing work out — try earlier in the day for better relaxation at night.

4. Happy Thoughts.

After dinner, cut yourself off — as best you can — from WORRY. No infant product recall lists, no Googling ebola. Keep it light and breezy when the sun goes down. Laugh, love, lounge…

5. Gratitude.

All Moms worry and stew. When the brain crazies get you late at night, mentally list the things that you are thankful for — from simple to vital, Gilmore Girls reruns to your family’s health.

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