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New Year, New Doulas?

By Doula Jen

postpartum doula trainingStill on the fence about becoming a postpartum doula? With our next training beginning just after the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to share some of my favorite doula moments. Maybe it will tip the scales in favor of taking the plunge. The world will always benefit from more doulas!

-Sitting quietly with my arm around the shoulders of a mama who was sobbing and nursing simultaneously, the day before her first day back to work.

-Meeting one of my old families at the park one afternoon, helping to chase the newly walking twin boys that I held on their first day of life.

-The awesomeness of helping first time parents wrangle triplets.

-Turning severe postpartum depression around in one 12-hour shift with TLC, good food, and a long walk (in supplement to professional psychotherapy).

-Helping a second time mama feel OK about her two C-sections.

-Baking a surprise birthday cake on Mama’s birthday.

-Upon learning of a mama’s fondness for the show Friday Night Lights, writing “Clear eyes, full hearts can’t lose” in her daily notes. Fitting for both high school football and postpartum, as it turns out!

-Exchanging stories about Boston with a couple who, like me, went to college there.

-Our first annual WBC family picnic…seeing all of our babies grown up, feeling the love that their parents have for us.

-Early morning chats with an awesome Grandma while getting the day started for Mom and Babe.

-Helping a family navigate an older baby’s changing sleep needs peacefully.

-Holding a new mama’s hand as the wound from the loss of her own mother ripped open post-birth.

-Feeling the force of SO much gratitude after presenting something warm…tea or soup. Again and again, these never fail…and it never gets old.

I could honestly go on and on. So many families, so many stories…

We all love what we do, whether it’s in supplement to other projects or the main full-time job. We change lives! It’s crazy good fun, always interesting, and extremely gratifying.

Next training January 6-9…click here for more info.


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