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Modern Doula Education

Over 200 doulas have received their certification with this program!

Modern Doula Education is the answer!

With Modern Doula Education you will:

•  Expand your knowledge of birther/new mother and newborn care

•  Gain valuable in-home experience

•  Be prepared to embark on a new career

Postpartum Doula Training and Certification 2022 Workshops:

Monday, August 22 – Friday, August 26

We are looking forward to a GREAT CLASS!

A career ripe with growth, inspiration and happiness can be yours in as little as 4 weeks.

Modern Doula Education’s Postpartum Doula Training offers you complete certification. The program includes an intensive 5 evening workshop, shadow shifts with certified doulas, pro-bono shifts, one-on-one mentoring and a certifying exam.

Upon certification, you will have the knowledge, skills
and in-home experience needed to begin a career as a postpartum doula!

Nurses, nannies and more in the childcare industry feel this workshop provides vital and beneficial information, helping them increase their career skills.

Scholarships available for birth industry volunteers and workers. Call the office for info.

Call 952 – 942 – 5676

Workshop is LIVE via Zoom- take it from anywhere!