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5 Things That May Make Postpartum Anxiety BETTER

By Doula Jen

Last week we discussed a handful of things that may WORSEN postpartum depression. Today we flip that topic completely to talk about what might make a case of postpartum anxiety more manageable. These are not cures, but tips and boosters to add to your work with a counselor.
[separator headline=”h4″ title=”1.  Long, brisk walks.”] Anxiety is often born from “stuck” energy. Stir it up! Added bonus:  the fresh air, tall trees, and change of scenery can help you get perspective on those racing thoughts.exercise for anxiety

[separator headline=”h4″ title=”2.  Guilty pleasure brain junk food.”] Reality TV, US Weekly, an easy word search book. Busy that burdened brain with some frothy, lighthearted fun.

[separator headline=”h4″ title=”3.  Warm liquids.”] Soup, tea, bubble bath. Repeat. Slows you down, feels like a hug, and forces you to self-care. Love yourself up!

[separator headline=”h4″ title=”4.  Yoga.”] It’s not for everyone, but if it’s for you—make time. There are many different practices—Hatha, Hot Vinyasa, Yin, even laughing yoga! Something for everyone. The benefit? Yoga forces us to be in the moment, one breath at a time.

[separator headline=”h4″ title=”5.  Turn it off.”] Your cell phone by your bed, your absentminded decision to Google postpartum infection–randomly–at 11 p.m., stumbling onto a message board circumcision debate. Keep it light and legit in the evening hours, when anxiety peaks and mamas need their sleep.

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