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A Note From Your Doula: Chill Out

Introducing a new segment at the “It’s My Baby” blog…A Note from Your Doula. In time, this will feature love notes from all of the wonderful WBC doulas.  Doula Jen is kicking it off.

Dear Mamas, Mothers-to-Be, Super Supportive Fathers, and Postpartum Wellness Advocates,

Have you heard?  The holiday season now starts at around 5pm on October 31st.

Did you know?  As you hear the playful opening notes of “Santa Baby” for the first out of what will surely be 20,000 times before the New Year, you are to burst and blur and flurry in activity and chaos—boots pulled over pajama pants, paper cup of something festive in hand, to-do list (also the first of many) in sweaty, shaky hand.

Now, we buy more.  And we do more too.  There isn’t one neighborhood gathering, but five.  And one of them is a progressive dinner.  And once you figure out what the heck that is, you realize that you’ll have to run to the store because you have to make something…with your given ingredient—hazelnuts.  And what are hazelnuts?  And if the whole neighborhood is stopping by for something creative topped with what you now know are also called filberts, the house will have to sparkle.

And you have a really nasty cold.

Your friendly neighborhood doula will tell you, with your new baby in loving arms, to stop and go to bed; to have some tea and an egg sandwich.

That’s what we do.  We put you to bed.  We feed you.  We take care of everything so you can rest.

I don’t care if it’s July or December—I will ask that you sit it out, just a little bit.  Find peace on earth in a dimly lit bedroom with your beautiful newborn.

And, quite frankly, I don’t care if your baby is a newborn or a teenager.  I want you to slow down.  I want you to breathe.  I want you to eat and drink and be merry in earnest.

Christmas has passed.  Do not buy one more gift.  Do not scramble to get out what you will now call New Year’s cards.  Do not roll another cookie (unless you will take all day, loving every minute, ignoring the mess).  Do not squeeze in another forced obligation.


It’s enough.

You’re enough.

Enjoy.  Unplug.  You have too much information already.  You have too much on your plate.  Lay low and take it in.  Be good to the mothers in your life and if you are a mother, be oh-so-very good to yourself.

We’ve been laying low at the blog over the holidays.  We don’t want to be another item on anyone’s to-do-athon.  Plus, twinkle lights and winter skies are pretty, and we want to see them too.  During our brief hiatus we will be posting little thoughts and tiny tidbits…and cute baby pictures.  So stop by—only if you have the time, only if your feet are up, only if a little pause would make you feel good.  For now, our information push is moving over for a slower pace and our light and fluffy side.  Happy, Happy, Merry.

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