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Baby Registry Essentials: Our Favorite Baby Must-Haves by Jacki Christopher

What every expectant mom wants to know is: what are the essential baby items I simply cannot live without? There are a million (well, maybe not a million) baby layette checklists floating around the internet. We don’t need to reiterate that you’ll need a lot of onesies and burp cloths. Instead, we want to suggest some of the things you don’t immediately think of when someone asks, “So what do you still need for the baby?”

Here are a few of the Welcome Baby Care favorites:

Swaddle Blankets. We make it no secret—we love these blankets! Baby is soothed in his tight little wrap so he sleeps better. And if baby sleeps better, you know what that means…mom and dad sleep better too! Swaddle blankets come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles. Pick one you like and make sure it makes it onto your baby wish list.

White Noise. White noise makers for babies are another tool for soothing and calming your little one. A relaxed baby is a happy baby, so we love these great soothing tools. The Sleep Sheep is a popular choice.

CPR Instruction. Consider asking for a CPR instruction session. This is an invaluable defense weapon in your parenting arsenal. Be prepared to help not only your own child, but potentially someone else’s. For more information or to find an instructor, contact Welcome Baby Care (click HERE).

Your Very Own Doula. One of the most helpful things you can receive as a new mom is help. When you come home from the hospital a professional postpartum doula takes care of you so that you can take care of your baby. Click HERE to learn how a postpartum doula can ease the transition from hospital to home. And with our signature gift certificates and care packages, your friends and family can pitch in. What mom couldn’t use a few nights of overnight care? This will be the best baby shower gift you receive!

What’s the baby-ware you can’t live without? Share your suggestions with our readers in the comments below! 

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