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Why Cloth? Why Me? Why Now? WHY NOT?

By the Welcome Baby Care Doulas

Ten years ago the idea of cloth diapering seemed archaic, messy, laborious, even ridiculous.  Why would you take on extra laundry?  Why handle the mess?  Why take on such a challenge when disposables are so easy?

Times have changed.  Cloth diapers are not only once again in practice, they are actually trendy!

With all-in-ones from companies such as FuzziBunz and bumGenuis—not to mention our friends and fellow Minnesotans over at the amazing SoftBums—who make sincerely cute and simple products, cloth diapering is a modern and accessible option.  No more pins.  No more dingy, raggedy, leaking, sagging loincloths.

Oh yes—times have changed.

In addition to better diapers, there are now helpful products such as sprayers (which attach right to the toilet), flushable liners, waterproof diaper bags, and eco-friendly pail deodorizers.  Almost makes diapering sound like fun…

So why?  Why does this matter?  Why should you consider this?  Well, for one, disposable diapers are the third most common product in landfills today.  A disposable diaper may take up to 500 years to decompose, and because of their heavy absorbancy, they actually grow.  The disposable that you toss will very quickly double in size.  Ever see a toddler hit the splash pool with a regular disposable?  Ever throw one in the wash accidentally?  Then, you get the idea.

One child using disposable diapers exclusively will generate a TON–literally–of landfill waste before the age of two.

Disposable diapers are literally taking over our planet.  And, packed with chemicals and plastic, they’re not always as kind to baby’s tender bum as the cotton alternative.

Now, this preachy little post isn’t meant to shame you into a choice that you’re not comfortable with.  Every family needs to do what works.  Being a parent is hard enough…

But that’s the thing…

With convenient, fun, affordable products (yes, over the course of baby’s diapering career…you will SAVE money), cloth diapering is no longer hard.

Worried about laundry?  There are cleaning services that cost just a hair more than your own home laundry set up.

Worried about life on the go?  Cloth diapering in public is easy, once you learn the ropes.  If you’re still nervous, you can always do a combo of cloth and disposable.

Don’t know where to start?  Try Google!  There are THOUSANDS of cloth diaper forums, blogs, FAQ sheets, stores, trades, fan clubs…you name it.  Sound overwhelming?  Here are four wonderful sites to get you started:





Beyond the web, your local, homegrown, funky, friendly baby store is sure to know a thing or two.  Or, you can call a friend (or a friend of a friend) who uses cloth!  People who go cloth often become fanatics–they love their choice and want to share the info.    

It’s never too late to start!

Please join us for The Great Cloth Diaper Change at our Growing Green Babies festival.  This is a Guinness World Record Event happening simultaneously in locations around the world.  Cloth diapers will be provided for those who do not have their own.  We will also feature a cloth diaper class for those who are just a little bit curious.  Other events and activities round out this Earth Day focused event.  Check out http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3137066049 for more info. 

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