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The Director Describes Her Doulas

By Doula Tory

postpartum doulasThough all of us here at Welcome Baby Care live up to high company standards, we are a group made up of individuals. We each different personalities, skill sets, strong suits, quirks, and backgrounds. I love that!  It is one of my greatest joys (and challenges) to match the PERFECT doula to each family. As I meet with families for the first time, sometimes a certain doulas name will SCREAM repeatedly in my head. Other times, I need to get to know the couple over time as they get to know their baby, before figuring out who and what serves them best.

Jen, who edits our blog, recently asked me to come up with 4 words to describe some of our caregivers. It was an easy assignment. I think so highly of each of these women, I could have gone on and on…

Patti:  organized, professional, giving, friend

Tammy:  soft spoken, accepting, listener, funny

Marnie:  efficient, knowledgable, teacher, communicative

Jen:  passionate, honest, instinctual, counselor

Julia:  kind, sweet, genuine, cheerful

Karen:  patient, loving, gentle, skilled

Love my job and all of the amazing people I’m lucky enough to work with and work for!

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