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DON’T Be a Baby Shower Bore!

By Doula Jen
Because guessing how much toilet paper will go around Mama is kind of humiliating and putting chocolate bars in diapers is kind of gross…

We’ve come up with a list of fresh baby shower ideas based on what a new or expectant mom wants and needs. Not to worry — you can make the mom-to-be happy while still managing to show the guests a good time.

  1. baby showerCreate a Birth Bag or Postpartum Kit — Have each guest bring a little something to tuck into the “big day” bag. Think cozy slippers, yummy lotions, hair ties, snack bars, cookies, lactation tea, essential oils, a mix CD, a fuzzy blanket, magazines etc. If shower happens AFTER the baby is born, a new parent kit will work too.
  2. Two Months of Support — Make a big two month calendar (starting 2 weeks prior to the expected due date). Have people sign up for meals, laundry, pet care, an older sibling outing, baby care for Mom and Dad to have a one hour couch date, a grocery run. Make it cute and fun while getting Mama that much needed antepartum and postpartum support!
  3. Make Her Smile — Have guests write funny and/or encouraging messages in Sharpie on several diapers — a little mood brightener for epic poop explosions and late night wake up calls.
  4. Nursery Art — Get a large roll of white paper, cut off a piece — about 3 feet long. Set up a creativity station and have shower guests make a mural for Baby’s room. Have it framed and delivered shortly after.
  5. 6a01127938101c28a40176172ab621970c-800wiLabor Love Notes — Offer crayons, markers, stickers and colorful paper and encourage guests to make “birthing signs” which will be hung in the room where Mama births and recovers. We love you. Breathe. Push it. You get the idea.
  6. Pamper HER — Hire a massage therapist to do neck and shoulder work or a nail technician to give Mama a pedicure during the shower. It’s not JUST about Baby.
  7. Dream Menu — Pregnancy cravings? Check. Let Mama make the menu! From Teddy Grahams to meatball subs, the images-24expectant mother’s taste buds most likely long for something other than cucumber sandwiches. Guests will delight in digging into “the good stuff” too. Perhaps even put a sign at the buffet table that reads: “This Spread Brought to You By Mom’s Hormones.” Grilled cheese, anyone?
  8. ABC Book — Baby’s first book! Designed by Baby’s biggest fans. “A is for Aunt Kathy, who can’t wait to take you swimming.”
  9. Thank You Note Winner — Purchase Mama’s shower thank you notes for her and have all attendees put their address on an envelope. Put them in a bowl and use this as a way to do a prize drawing.
  10. Cocktails and Mocktails — Make sure there’s wine to get guests in the mood for whatever crazy game you can’t resist playing, but make something tasty and amazing for Mama too!

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