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Food For Thought Friday: Jammin’ & Groovin’–Music For Babies And Kids

Today, over at Keeping Her Cool, Colleen is singing the praises of music for kids. (Check it out HERE) You’ve heard it before: music has significant developmental benefits for children of all ages—even in utero.

We think it’s great to expose babies and children to the musical masters, but music has great benefits for children, even if it’s not Mozart. Part of the benefit of experiencing music is the enjoying of it. If you can’t get into Stravinksy, don’t sweat it. Consider getting an instrumental version of some of your favorite rockers—the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Radiohead all have instrumental covers and the experience can be truly transcendent.

And if you don’t like the kiddie tunes and your kids don’t either, then skip them. I, for one, could never stomach Raffi and I don’t think my mom could argue with that, so my early childhood was a mix of the Beatles, Prince (when he was still Prince), and Aretha Franklin. These were the songs that got my mom’s fingers tapping the steering wheel so they became ‘the musical experience.’ Watch the lyrics of course, but then have fun grooving with your babies to the music you love together.

And being a parent is all about exploring and doing things you’ve never done, so take the opportunity to expand your musical horizons as well. For example, if you have a friend who loves opera or jazz or Brazilian Samba music, ask them to recommend a few good CDs and then throw them in the minivan.

Here are a few of our favorite resources to help you and your little ones love and appreciate music:

Music Together: According to the Music Together philosophy, all kids are musical. This integrative program gets parents and children (baby to kindergarten) grooving and making music. Kids learn from their adult role models, so Music Together emphasizes parent interaction for leading kids in a lifetime of music-love. Click HERE to find a class.

Kindermusik: Knowing that parents and children bond through music, and that musical experience opens pathways to learning, Kindermusik offers parent and baby classes (newborn to age 7). Parents and kids not only make music in the class, but learn to incorporate music making into home life as well. Click HERE to find a class.

Global Groove: Putamayo features CD mixes from around the world. Kids love the percussive beats and exotic flavor. Putamayo also features a variety of kid-specific compilations including bedtime tunes. Click HERE.

What do you do to get your family grooving and loving music?

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