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Food for Thought Friday: On Family Travel

Today at her blog, Keeping Her Cool, Colleen Lindstrom writes about her latest experience Traveling with Kiddos. Globetrotting with the babes and toddlers is never easy—but it’s worth the experience—for you and for them. Today Welcome Baby Care brings you a few resources to help you get the most out of your family excursions, i.e. maximize fun and memory-creating moments, minimize tantrums and other tragedies.

Thinking of taking the family on an adventure trip, or to a cosmopolitan city or cultural center? From Disneyland to Delhi The New York Times Frugal Traveler and Family Travel Guides teach you how to enjoy the best of the world’s travel scene with the tots in tow. Click here.

Breastfeeding mothers can feel especially pressured when planning a trip. Breastfeeding.com has a wealth of information for traveling with babies and toddlers (great information whether you breastfeed or not!) Click here.

For products and information geared specifically to family air travel check out FlyingWithKids.com Click here.

Do you have other tips (or lessons learned the hard way) to share? Post your family travel wisdom in the comments section below!

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