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Grandparent’s Day Tomorrow! Late Minute Ideas & Resources.

If you didn’t catch the It’s My Baby article on Grandparents this Monday (click HERE), then Grandparent’s Day might have slipped your radar. And with the national focus on the 9/11 anniversary, the day probably won’t get the media attention that it deserves. But it isn’t too late to let your parents and in-laws know that they matter in the lives of your children.

As people age, they tend to desire “stuff” less and interaction more. Material gifts are less important than ‘experiential’ gifts, which is to say, shared time doing a meaningful activity. If tomorrow is too soon to plan a get-together, give mom or dad a call and see if you can set up a date with them in the next week or two to celebrate them with your kids. It could be an afternoon together, some alone time with the kids, or a family outing.

The Legacy Project is committed to fostering and facilitating relationships and understanding across generations. Their website is full of ideas to celebrate the relationship between the old and the young. Here is a list of Grandparent’s Day Activities, games, and gift ideas.

If your parents or in-laws are deceased, take some time on Grandparent’s Day to show your kids photos and talk about the deceased grandparent(s). Tell your kids some of the stories you remember. This helps your children ‘get to know’ this person who would have very much loved to know his or her grandkids. It can be a healthy experience both for you and your kids.

How will you celebrate Grandparent’s Day? What do your kids love most about your parents?

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