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What questions should I ask when looking for postpartum care?

Postpartum services in Minnesota are largely unregulated. When looking for postpartum care, be sure the doula/nanny/night nurse has up-to-date Infant/Child CPR certification, that doulas have current certifications with MDE (WBC), DONA or CAPPA, and that the doula or agency carries insurance and worker’s comp. Additionally, has the caregiver passed a criminal background check?

You may also want to know if the caregiver is employed by the agency or a contract worker. This may affect how you file your taxes, etc.

Welcome Baby Care ensures all their in-home caregivers and postpartum doulas are current with all certifications and they have all passed state fingerprint background checks. Many of our staff have additional training beyond certification requirements for things like breastfeeding, postpartum mood disorders, nutrition and much more!