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The (Little) Wonders of Technology

By Doula Tory

Doula Tammy and I are having so much fun working with our new clients—a family from Pakistan.

A little known job perk of the postpartum doula is the privilege of visiting various households, observing how each family operates, and —in turn—learning about cultures other than our own.  It is especially fascinating, comforting, and grounding to notice not only the differences in our postpartum practices, but rather the many ways in which we are all the same.

So many aspects of motherhood are universal.

Beyond that, what is blowing my mind about this particular family is their use of technology in sharing their “Welcome Baby” experience with loved ones back in Pakistan.

So often we talk about the disconnect brought on by Facebook and smart phones.  We talk about new mothers breastfeeding over their gadgets and emails.  Rarely, however, do we marvel at the ways in which technology helps us feel connected during the postpartum period, when feelings of isolation are especially common.

This new mama is able to plug in to a virtual embrace from her fan club…people who know her, love her, and are anxious to offer their encouragement and support.  The loved ones, in turn—through Skype in particular—are able to watch this beautiful baby grow.

We are distracted by technology in many ways, but disconnected?  Not necessarily.  For a family going through the most miraculous transition away from home, the ability to communicate so proficiently across the many miles is revolutionary.



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