May is for MULTIPLES

May is MULTIPLES month here at the Welcome Baby Care blog!

Twins and “Super Twins” (triplets, quads and beyond) attract A LOT of attention. Why? Because it’s a unique and fascinating situation — two (or more) individuals coexisting, side by side, from conception.

Identical twins stop us on the street — a pretty little trick of nature:  mirror images with the exception of that one freckle.

We hear stories of twins knowing one another’s pain, reading minds and calling — desperately — from hundreds of miles away, when their sibling is in trouble.

All of this is beyond cool, of course, but as doulas we find the EXPERIENCE of parenting twins most remarkable. In fact, we’ve made it our mission to perfect the science of caring for multiple newborns, taking into consideration:

  • Sleeping arrangements
  • Products
  • Budget 
  • Feeding on demand, and also on schedule
  • Much needed self-care for the parents

So much to think about! Join us for the discussion.

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