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New Mom New Year Workout

exercise with babyJanuary has many people thinking of HEALTH. Whether it’s losing weight, quitting smoking, eliminating stress or simply eating more veggies, health goals are on most New Year’s resolutions lists. 

Of course, the health of new mothers is challenged by post birth recovery, extra baby weight, fluctuating hormones and exhaustion. So we’re jumping on the New Year’s band wagon and tackling the topic of health and wellbeing this January…as specific to the new mother. As always, we encourage you to take your time with weight loss and a return to exercise. Nine months on, nine months off AT LEAST. 

We asked local personal trainer and fitness expert Tyler McCarthy to share his thoughts on easing into exercise as a new mom. Here’s what he had to say!

Energy and Attitude

Here are a few things that new moms can do to stay in shape, giving you and your baby the best attitude and highest level of energy going into the New Year! Not everyone can get into the gym, especially when taking on the full time job of motherhood. Here are a few ideas that can help keep you fit while your new loved one naps and you are on “break!

–       Timed Wall Sit – Strengthens the entire lower body from the glutes through the calves. To perform, set your back flat against a safe wall. Next, lower your body so that your legs are bent at 90 degrees (or as far as you are comfortable, just making sure you have tension on the lower body). Record your time, you will try to improve your time with each routine!

–       Planks – Strengthens the entire torso, from the back muscles to the abdomen. To perform, lay flat on your stomach, lift your body up to your elbows and toes. Make sure that you keep your abdomen tight and hips locked, creating a straight line throughout your body. Record your time, you will try to improve your time with each routine!

–       Push ups – Strengthens chest, shoulders, triceps and abdomen. To perform, start flat on your stomach, set your hands just outside of your shoulders at about chest level. Press yourself to the top as slow as you can manage, immediately lower yourself, again as slow as you can manage. Moving slow will recruit much more muscle tissue, leading to a much more efficient workout. Perform until you are no longer able to press yourself. Make sure to lock your torso and keep a straight line throughout your body. If you are not able to press yourself, you may go from your knees or attempt “negatives.” A negative would consist of you lowering yourself as slow as you can (try 6-8 reps lowering at a speed of 10 seconds).

These are only a few exercises that you are able to perform at home! Any questions, please contact me at tyler@mytitaniumperformance.com! Happy New Year!

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