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Newborn Care: Dealing With Diaper Rash

By Welcome Baby Care

e1bwWEBIt happens to the best of us, moms and pops! A few red bumps, a little chaffing. Soon it’s full, fierce diaper rash. Baby’s miserable, you’re worried. You keep that little bum clean, you put on the cream, the problem persists.

Any skin irritation can be hard to shake and diaper rash is no exception. Sometimes active treatment solves the problems, sometimes over-fussing only angers the situation—making it worse.

Before we get in to symptom relief, let’s look at some of the common cause of diaper rash. Sometimes using simple common sense brings about the quickest fix. The common sense we’re talking about? Look to the cause to find the right cure. Diaper rash from heat? Try a cool compress. From diaper chaffing? Change brands, switch to cloth, or bare.

The most common causes of diaper rash are:

  • -Leaving a wet or dirty diaper on too long
  • -Rubbing or chafing against the diaper itself
  • -Yeast infection
  • -Bacterial infection
  • -Allergic reaction to diaper
  • -Sleeping through the night (and therefore unavoidably in dirty diapers on occasion)
  • -diarrhea
  • -introduction of solids
  • -breastfeeding mom on antibiotics or baby on antibiotics 
  • -cradle cap (it’s not just for the cap!)


Of course, there are many creams and ointments available for the treatment of diaper rash. Our doula-tested faves include Boudreaux’s Butt Paste, California Baby Calendula Cream, Aquaphor, and Weleda Calendula Diaper Care.

The creams are great and often effective. However, we always tell our clients to lean on the little lifestyle recommendations (at least temporarily) more enthusiastically than they rely on the ointment. Nothing fancy…

  • -Going diaper free (best after a bowl movement)
  • Sunshine on the bare bottom (through window in winter)
  • -Plain water or plain water with very mild soap for cleaning
  • -Mild wipes
  • -Pat clean and dry instead of rub
  • -Diaper brand change
  • -Diet change, if necessary 


These can of course be used as preventative measures as well or can keep the problem from becoming chronic.



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