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New Parent Trends: The Baby Moon

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

Recently, we wrote about the first post-baby date night.  Today, we’d like to highlight a new trend in expectant parents…the baby moon.  It’s the honeymoon of pregnancy, usually taken in the 2nd trimester when the mother-to-be is most comfortable.

The idea?  Celebrate (and say goodbye to) your twosome, before the new arrival makes stolen kisses and late night talks a bit more difficult.  Brilliant, really, and perhaps more important than the traditional honeymoon, if you were forced to choose.

Whether you choose tropical relaxation, sightseeing, or adventure, savor the last moments of a lifestyle that will—for a few years anyway—become an impossibility.  Don’t worry, what’s in store is even more beautiful than that Tahitian sunset, the Eiffel Tower, or the NYC skyline.  And in a million ways even more of an adventure.

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