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Postpartum 411: Piles of Laundry

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

How do sweet, small, seemingly sedentary creatures make SO MUCH LAUNDRY?!

If you are new to the glamorous postpartum lifestyle, you’re in the thick of it—sifting through hampers and piles of onesies and wash cloths and sleep sacks and slings.  Socks, jammies, blankies, crib sheets.  The constant hum of the washer, dryer, dishwasher.  Some machine.

Welcome to parenthood.  Pour a shot of Dreft and party on.

Perhaps the cruelest joke of the baby-laundry cycle is that moment when you see the light at the end of the tunnel:  the fabled, impossible last basket to fold.  But see, this basket is filled with 100 little items.  By the time you’ve folded each and every one, your fingers will be numb.  And of course, in the hour or so it took you to weed through the wee legwarmers and sweatpants, more has accumulated.  What?  You thought you were actually caught up?  The spit up, spills, and the poop blowouts don’t stop.  Ever.  

The trek down to the corner mat once a week a la “the college years” seems like a ridiculous hallucination.  Something you imagined.  A laugh.

Mom and Dad, you will never have an empty hamper again.

Our advice?  Throw on a movie and embrace the 2-for-1 couch date, folding party.  Or…call us!

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