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Perhaps: Postpartum Doula Certification

By the Welcome Baby Care Doulas

For some, work comes in the form of an irresistible pull:  a call to action, a desire to help, and a need for meaning.

There is nothing more natural than the work of a mother, but for most women living in a modern world, the art of motherhood doesn’t immediately come naturally.  A new mother needs the support and guidance of community, family, and often—as those resources become limited or unavailable—a trained professional.

The work of a postpartum doula is challenging and demanding, but also gorgeously textured and extremely fulfilling.  Every family is different.  Every day on the job is different.  Every moment, somewhat surprising.

It is an honor and a joy to enhance and protect the most intimate chapter in a family’s story.  The 4th trimester is a time of vulnerability, joy, and change.   A gifted caregiver possesses the ability to make this time miraculous, as it should be.  She helps the growing family in all aspects of their new reality—the practical, the physical, and the emotional.

Perhaps you’re nodding your head in recognition.  Perhaps you had a rocky postpartum experience.  Perhaps you understand the importance of this support. Perhaps the idea of helping others moves you.

Perhaps…you are a doula.

If you are interested in teaching, encouraging, and assisting new mothers and babies, please consider our one-of-a-kind Postpartum Doula Certification program.  Comprehensive, evidence-based, wholistic, intricate, ongoing, enthusiastic, loving, and thorough education from the 4th trimester mother and child experts at Welcome Baby Care.

Welcome, Doula.




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