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Relationship Check-Up

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

Yesterday we checked-in.  Today we check-up!  Forget the rusty hinges, trips to Menards, grouting, gardening, and spring closet cleaning.  Here’s the real deal honey-do list:

1.   Offer a massage without expectation of one in return.

2.   Pop on “your song” at random.  You don’t need to dance, dedicate, or gush.  Just share a smile.

3.   Breakfast in bed.  Coffee and toast will do just fine.  If it’s during the 10:00 nap AFTER chores, nursing, and laundry, so be it.

4.   Create a super fun nickname for your love.  Mommy, Daddy, and Dear don’t count.

5.   Carve, chalk, or Sharpie your initials—heart and arrow and all—somewhere sweet and secret.

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