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What a Shift!

By Doula Karen

Four hour shift with adorable twins:

Fed and burped the babies. Two splashy, slippery baths. Two loads of laundry. Emptied the garbage…and the recycling…AND the overloaded (twins!!) diaper pail. Folded and put away baby clothes. Picked up baby and doggie toys. Washed about two dozen dirty bottles. Emptied dishwasher. Fixed Mama a snack.

Left a clean house, happy babies, and a happy mama. All in a day’s work. Happy and tired doula…

Just to clarify…this may not be the norm for your four-hour twins shift. Sometimes Mama needs a long talk and more emotional support, or help with tandem nursing. Sometimes babies are fussy and require hands-on help from both Mama and Doula. But SOMETIMES—as was the case for this shift—Mama and her babies take a good, long nap…enabling me to get things DONE! Always feels so good to help…

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