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Smiles, Giggles, and Coos

By Doula Jen

baby smiles There is nothing on earth more delicious than making your baby smile. The little eyes light up, the feet start kicking, the pink gums appear, and that sweet gurgling sound—pure joy and pleasure—makes you laugh in return.

Ages 3 – 9 months are ripe for baby laughter and we encourage parents to brush up on their own version of the standard “Just for Baby” stand-up routine. Here are some of the hits:

Peek-a-Boo:  Of course! A classic! Hands over the face, from behind a teddy bear, around the corner of the couch. The surprise is what initially delights Baby, but as she starts to become familiar with the game, she will giggle in anticipation of the pay-off.

This Little Piggy:  If it’s kind of silly and makes Mom or Dad smile, it’s sure to be a hit with Baby. Again, as the rhyme becomes more familiar, Baby will become more excited to play! They LOVE repetition.

Bubbles:  All sizes and shapes. Baby-safe bubble bath, bubble wands. Colorful bubbles. This is one of the great things about being a parent…getting to play like a kid again!

Sweet Smells:  A freshly sliced orange, vanilla on a cotton ball, evergreen branches, flowers…be creative and allow Baby to explore the sense of smell.

Music:  Silly songs that you make up at the changing table, good old “Twinkle Twinkle.” Watch Baby coo and kick and actually try to sing along!

Those are the standards…what’s in your “Just for Baby” stand up routine? A funny voice? Dorky sunglasses and an even dorkier rap? Please share!



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