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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

Spotlight: National Adoption Month

By The Welcome Baby Care Doulas

The Welcome Baby Care staff has immense respect for families touched by adoption.

-To the adoptive parents who open their arms and hearts…

-To the birth mothers who give families in waiting the most incredible gift…

We salute you!

We are also finding new ways to HELP you.

Now, Welcome Baby Care doulas receive special training centered around working with both ends of the adoption experience.  We recognize the importance of education in assisting a family who is just bringing their new baby home.  We also understand the needs of the birth mother, who is undergoing postpartum recovery with an overwhelming and specific set of emotions.  We are starting to offer packages which include both types of support, so that an expanding family may have the care that they need while also gifting a little doula TLC to the birth mother.

Our education coordinator, Lisa, recently developed a newborn preparedness class just for families experiencing adoption.  The first class took place a little over a week ago, at Bethany Christian Services, an adoption facility.  The plan is to do the class quarterly, each one hosted by a different adoption organization.

As always, it is our pleasure to support a wide range of families.  We love what we do and are excited to expand our scope of practice.


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