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WBC Resolutions

By Welcome Baby Care

doula and baby reunionWith the New Year just days away we thought it time to RENEW our commitment to the Metro’s new babies, new parents, growing families, evolving households, and expectant moms and pops blissfully waiting—without a clue as to what is actually in store.

In the New Year we look forward to new classes, services, and packages; new doulas, new ideas, and (coming soon) a new website! But first, as we close the door to a FANTASTIC 2013, we offer our company resolutions…and open the window to 2014.

  1. We will always do everything possible to cover every desired shift. There is nothing worse than leaving a tired new mama hanging!
  2. We will fill our own tanks first—be it through coffee, yoga, Emergen-C, or reality TV—so that we may come to your home full of energy.
  3. We will continue to put Mama first. Happy Mama, Healthy Baby, Relieved Family.
  4. We will remind you, as often as is needed, that you are doing a GREAT job.
  5. We will keep up-to-date on our certifications, as well as the latest mom-baby protocol.
  6. We will ask you how to better serve you and we will find a way to do it.
  7. We will add healthy recipes to our collection, to feed you as you recover.
  8. We will continue to keep in touch in every possible way—Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, the blog, email, snail mail, events and social gatherings—so that you feel certain that we are always thinking of you, always available for advice, and always a part of your family.
  9. Whatever it is, we will do it for you…if it means you’ll take a nap.
  10. We will help you solve the mystery of your Moby wrap.
  11. We will take vitamins and wash our hands thoroughly to keep your family healthy!
  12. We will bring laughter and fresh air to your darker days.
  13. We will celebrate your everyday accomplishments and milestones with abundant zeal and enthusiasm.
  14. We will not rest until we help you find a feeding solution—be it breast, bottle, or both—that completely suits your family’s needs.
  15. We will let you blame us when you don’t feel like visitors.
  16. We will teach your visitors how to behave and still manage to make them love us.
  17. We will find a way to love your family without interfering with the love that already exists in your home.
  18. We will bring you your water.
  19. We will keep your secrets.
  20. We will help you find your footing, trust your own instincts, and feel confident in your ability to care for your baby.


Welome New Year!!!



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