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Announcing Welcome Baby Care’s Newest Addition: It’s My Baby! Blog

By Jacki Christopher

Welcome You—Mommy, Mamá, Mum, Mom, Mother—come in…sit down. Welcome to the unveiling of Welcome Baby Care’s latest endeavor: It’s My Baby—a blog and a home base for parents–a place for parents like you.

This is a launch, so maybe there should be a little more fanfare—and indeed we are excited, we are thrilled, but we also love and long for the quiet of the nursery when baby is sleeping, for that gentle sucking noise, and the breathy sigh when tummy is full. There’s the glow of the nightlight, and the moment when the whole house is still, and you look at your little one(s), and there is peace.

We all need a quiet place, a soft place to be moms and dads. You don’t need another opinion or another condemning voice in your head. This is a safe space to learn, talk, share, and laugh. You can leave that Supermom cape hanging in the closet (or balled-up in the laundry basket). We’re doulas—we’ve been inside your houses, we’ve seen you cry in that postpartum swirl of hormones and joy and uncertainty, we’ve seen your eyes sparkle as you recount the delivery room play-by-play, we’ve seen you in your ratty nightgown–and we love that ratty nightgown.

Who we are: We are the postpartum doulas and family-care experts at Welcome Baby Care–the Twin Cities’ premier postpartum home health service. We are passionate about mothering our mothers and teaching parents to love parenthood. We are experts in our field. This blog reflects our support for mothers and fathers–blending the best of contemporary expertise, a regard for traditional wisdom, and a sense of humor.

Who we are here for: Welcome Baby Care calls the Twin Cities home, but our blog has a reach that goes far beyond our Minneapolis based clients. We join the conversation among parents worldwide, we join arms with those who stand in support of moms and their unique needs, concerns, and priorities. Are you a mom who wants to love being a mom? Are you seeking the care and advice that will help you to mother confidently? Could you use a little expert advice and you aren’t sure your own mother is the expert you want to ask? If you are a mom or a dad, a grandma, grandpa, or a person who supports the movement to support parents and families, if you want to learn and share, then this is a place for you.

More than telling you what to do, we want to tell you: You know what you’re doing. Our job is to remind you of what you already know, and to present some content that we think follows in that vein.

What you can look forward to: Each Monday It’s My Baby will tackle an issue that’s blazing its trail across the parenting frontier. Giving you the relevant facts and the take-away value, we’ll open it up for your comments and stories—we love your stories. On Wednesday, you’ll hear from Colleen Lindstrom, our writer-mom-in-residence who gives her unique “this mom’s life” take, drawing on her personal experiences in the trenches. On Thursdays we’ll feature a guest blogger who brings another layer of perspective and insight into the issues, challenges, and joys we face as parents today. That’s a typical week, but of course we can expect that not all weeks will be typical–you know how it is.

We are delighted to have you as a reader, a fellow parent, and friend. Welcome Baby Care welcomes you.

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