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Best Travel Products for Baby

For trips to Grandma’s or a world tour, here are a few of our favorite must-haves:

  1. Lotus Travel Crib – carry-on size, easy and quick set up, also a play yard, wide age range, backpack portability.
  2. Maclaren Volo Stroller – lightweight umbrella stroller, ideal for 6 months plus.
  3. White Noise Machine – street noise in New Orleans? Older cousins playing at Grandmas? Not for nap time…
  4. Baby carrier – pick your favorite. Ergo and woven seem most travel friendly, but having one you like is a must.
  5. Baby wash – because the hotel brand mini shampoos won’t do. Our favorite is California Baby.

Beyond that — travel light, don’t over think it, pick up last minute needs on the go…and Bon Voyage, Baby!


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