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Lactation 101: Keeping up Your Breastfeeding Milk Supply

Lactation takes work! The first step is encouraging a healthy milk supply.

Breastfeeding Milk Supply

So maybe you’ve gotten the latch help you needed and baby is ready to nurse but it doesn’t seem like you’re producing sufficient milk to feed your little one, or your little ones, in the case of multiples. How can you make more? Read on for a few tips on keeping up breastfeeding milk supply to meet demand.

Drink Up!

With all the demands of a newborn, Mom’s needs like eating, drinking, and sleeping, usually go right out the window. Who has time to drink eight glasses of water when you’ve got a baby clamoring? Understandable, but water is one of the most vital factors in your healing and sense of wellbeing as you’re taking care of that new baby. Water also keeps your supply up. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty—keep a bottle at your side. Dress it up with a wedge of lemon or a few slices of cucumber. If you’re taking in coffee as well, up your water intake.


First of all, is your supply really low or do you just worry that it is? The best way to gauge the adequacy of your supply is by having Baby weighed. If she’s tracking in her weight gain and producing wet and dirty diapers every day, she’s getting enough. Come by one of Welcome Baby Care’s weekly weigh-ins to get Baby weighed and ask our Certified Doulas any questions you may have.

Get the Milk Out

Hang on because this one is a little counterintuitive. The more milk that leaves your breast the more your body is stimulated to produce. So if you think supply is low, don’t try to store it up! Frequent feeding (and pumping if necessary) keeps your body on track for production.

Eat Right

Did you know certain foods can stimulate milk production? Oatmeal, garlic, nuts, green papaya, sesame seeds, ginger and definitely the famed lactation cookies (google it), are just a few. While the stress and sleeplessness of new parenthood may have you craving junk food, your body, your breasts and your baby will thank you for sticking to a clean eating plan.

Get a Little Help from an LC

One of our Certified Lactation Consultants can help you evaluate your supply and troubleshoot any production issues you may be having. Increasing low supply is often an easy fix. Talking with an LC can help you get your questions answered and get you on the road to rockstar milk production.


More questions about lactation and milk supply? Contact our Certified Postpartum Doulas today.

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