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Doula Is Not a 4-letter Word

By the Welcome Baby Care Doulas

Here in the Midwest, the use of postpartum doulas is slowly—very slowly—catching on.  In coastal mega-cities such as L.A. and Manhattan, many women wouldn’t dream of going without postpartum support.  Here?  Still seen as a luxury—that is, if a new mother even knows that we exist.

Many of our clients want our existence in their life kept completely under wraps, as if hiring help when you need it most is a dirty little secret.  They don’t want to appear spoiled.  That’s fine, and we are always more than happy to respect a family’s privacy.

That said, we also want to take a moment to thank those of you who DON’T keep quiet about our service.  Word of mouth is an incredible thing and we don’t look at the power of positive buzz as just another way to drum up business.  We want to get the message out:  women need help after having babies.  And that’s OK.

Seeking, saving for, and savoring both birth and postpartum support are the first of many smart parenting choices.  Kudos to you, and thanks for helping other new moms embrace the help they deserve.

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