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The Doula Life: Trapped!

By Doula Patti

Location:  Apartment Building near Lake Calhoun

Time:  10:40 — I’ll be nice and early!

Feeling:  Ready and confident.

I pull up to the garage door behind another car and enter.  I don’t see any card swiping device, so I figure it’s an automatic door.  I drive along and try to figure out where to park.  All spots are marked with numbers which makes me realize I’m probably in the residents garage.   I drive back to that good old automatic door and no matter how close I get–and I get CLOSE–it won’t open.

That’s when I notice a little box with the words “SmartPass.” GREAT!  I back up (thinking thank goodness no one is in line behind me) and try to call the client.  No service!  I drive up a level and try again.  Mama answers but doesn’t know how to get me out!  Not feeling so confident anymore.  Good thing I arrived early!

Then…I hear a car!  My chance to escape.  I follow inappropriately close to his bumper and get out before the garage door closes.  Sorry for tailing, Friend, but there’s a mom and baby upstairs who need me!

Never a dull moment.  Whether figuring out the foreign washing machine, dealing with the family dog, or getting in and out of the parking structure, working in different homes with different families is always an adventure.


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