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Brightening Mama’s Day! (3 Simple Ways)

By Doula Mandi

fridgeMama will get her share of flowers after baby’s birth. And lasagna? So overdone. I like to think of “outside the box” ways to brighten the new mom’s day. Here are three of my faves:

1. Edible Arrangement or fancy food basket instead of the typical floral bouquet. It’s so nice to have fresh fruit, good cheese, and quick snacks when you’re exhausted and overwhelmed!

2. I clean out her fridge. There are usually several things expired since Mama is so busy with baby. I wipe it down, organize the condiments. It’s the little things!

3. Open the windows (or at least the blinds). It helps to bring in the outside world, combat isolation, and lighten the mood. 

You don’t have to be a doula to make a difference! Every little bit of support helps a new mother.


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