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Favorite Summer Memory: A Blog Hop!

‘It’s My Baby’ Blog is a blog that loves blogs! So today we’re hosting a blog hop to help readers and bloggers hop around and find other great reads. Today’s topic:  What’s Your Favorite Summer Memory? Hop around to some of the other blogs and see what they’ve got to say and if you’ve got a blog, by all means, link up! Now get ready to enjoy the nostalgia.

How To Create A Summer Your Kids Will Remember

As parents, when it comes to summer, you’re not only concerned that your kinds are safe, occupied, and hopefully not losing everything they learned in school. You also want them to have fun. And ideally you’d like to have fun with them. This is the beauty of summer—longer days, fewer weekly activities and commitments, more time to be spontaneous.

Neither of my parents had the creativity of a pre-school teacher, nor a lot of money to blow, and yet they created summertime memories for my sisters and I that stay with me as an adult.

My parents never saw a great divide between the children’s realm and the adult realm. A lot of their ‘brilliant’ summer ideas were really just modifications of the things they already liked to do. My mom liked quaint small towns with nice shops, so we’d take a day trip, wander into the fine wooden toy stores, eat lunch by the water, and make it an activity. My dad loves Lake Harriet so we spent evenings there walking around the lake, eating an ice cream cone, or throwing popcorn to the ducks. On weekends we packed lunches and towels, threw the bikes in the back of the pickup truck, and headed down to the lake where we would hop from beach to beach, swimming for a bit then getting back on the bikes to find another swim spot. My parents knew we kids we’d get a kick out of these jaunts and pastimes, but ultimately they enjoyed them and they wanted us to enjoy them too. And we did.

“Special” is not the toy you buy or the activity you send them to, it is the way you craft your lives; incorporating the spontaneous into the everyday and giving your activities, meals, and vacations that special touch. Ask yourself first: What’s special to you?

Kids love traditions. Why not start one? Pick a few crazy summer ‘holidates’ to celebrate (I myself will be participating in National Splurge Day on June 18th). Find new summer recipes and make them your own. Think about what you genuinely like to do and then try bringing your kids along for the ride. Special ‘together’ moments and memories happen naturally.

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