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Food For Thought Friday: Making The Big Sibs Feel Special

Over at Keeping Her Cool, Colleen’s writing about how to take care of the big siblings when a new baby arrives. (Click HERE to read). We’re all packed to the gills with toys and trinkets, but we want to make the big girls and boys feel honored and loved amid all the baby hullabaloo. Here are a few non-toy ideas to make the new brother or sister feel extra special.

Books are always a great gift, especially those that are designed specifically to highlight and celebrate the new big sibling role of the older children. Check with mom and dad to see if they’ve got these great sibling books in their library yet.

  • The Big Sibling Book: Baby’s First Year According to ME by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. This fun, interactive activity book lets the older children track baby’s growth and progress as well as their own feelings. This is also a helpful tool to teach older children how babies grow and develop.
  • I’m A Big Brother and I’m A Big Sister by Joanna Cole are easy-to-read books that help to get the older children excited about their new role in the family. These are appropriate if the older sibling is still quite young.
  • And for an old classic that many of us probably remember from our own childhood, get them a copy of The New Baby by Mercer Mayer.

However, your gift doesn’t have to be related to the child’s new role as an older sibling of the baby. If the child loves bugs or trains or cooking, find a book that helps to celebrate their individuality and unique contribution as a member of their expanding family.

Or skip the gift altogether and go for the experience. Taking the big brother or sister out for an event or activity makes them feel special and grown up. A trip to a children’s museum or theatre gives them a little break from the activity that surrounds the new baby and helps to put the focus on them–which they may be missing now that the new baby has arrived. Lunch at their favorite restaurant, or a matinee are inexpensive activities that kids of all ages love.

How do you honor big siblings? What fun and creative things have people done for your kids?

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