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New Parenthood: Maximizing Your Me Time

By Doula Jen

Time ManagementNewborns sleep A LOT, it’s true. Why then, does the new parent feel like they never have any time to themselves and furthermore, time to get things done?

Though babies sleep a lot, they sleep in short increments. They fall asleep ON you. They nurse during part of the nap time. They wake when you try to put them down and attempt to sneak away. They need a burp or diaper change in the middle of those short periods of sleep. A baby’s needs are 24/7.

Freeing up some of that nap time for much-needed restorative “me time” takes a little planning. Try out these doula-tested tips and see what works for you. Within no time they’ll be a part of your routine.

Time Saving Tips:

  1. Tummy time or floor gym exploration? Fold a little laundry right next to the action while talking and singing to Baby.
  2. Meal prep throughout the day:  chop the onions in the morning, grate the cheese during a chance long afternoon nap, cook the whole thing ahead of time if things are running smoothly.
  3. Weekend with extra hands on deck? Make double batches of 2 or 3 of your favorite soups. Freeze, Baby, freeze!
  4. Muffins or quiche for your Sunday brunch — the leftovers will feed you and yours all week!
  5. Stocked up on onesies? Register for HELP! Babysitting shifts, doula care, housekeeping, neighborhood laundry duty.
  6. Grocery delivery service — just to get you through the nitty gritty first weeks.
  7. Bathe with Baby — everyone gets clean at once!
  8. Baby likes to sleep in your lap? Laptop, smart phone, or tablet nearby? Let the little one sleep while you pay bills, catch up on emails and fill that online grocery cart!

Now…see there? If not oodles then smidgens of time to yourself. Do something that makes you smile.

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