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Welcome to our website! Click here for 2022 COVID-19 Update

Food For Thought Friday: Resources For Communicating With Your Kids

Let’s face it: even with our closest friends and family, communication can sometimes be a challenge. It can be even harder to communicate with your own young kids. Talking at, talking to, listening, asking questions, exchanging answers—it’s all a dance. Today over at Keeping Her Cool, Colleen is talking about communication with her young son, and the role of silence. Click HERE to read.

Communication is no less an art with young children than it is with your spouse or your colleagues. Through communication we not only exchange information, but we also let these little people know that we love and value them. And there is so much more to communication than simple words.

Here are a few of Welcome Baby Care’s favorite resources on communicating with children. Even if you’ve already got this skill mastered, these articles can offer some tips and healthy benchmarks for parent-child communication.

What has worked for your family? How do you balance talk time and healthy silence?

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